“Got down & up off
the floor by myself
without any aids!!”


Phyllis was referred by her physician after being diagnosed with diabetes and arthritis. Within her first year, she was able to start coming off her blood pressure medications. “I feel great and I want to keep it up.”

Phyllis' Plan

As a busy caregiver, Phyllis is focused on taking care of her own health. Her goals are to improve her balance for Tai Chi, reduce the need for medications, and to improve her cardiovascular fitness.

Phyllis' customized SPRINGWELL Plan includes:

  • Weight bearing exercises to improve bone density and strengthen back
  • 2 SPRINGWELL exercise sessions per week
  • Improved eating habits to improve blood sugars
  • Belongs to a community that empowers her to step out of her comfort zone

I feel great, and I
want to keep it up.


We are ALL IN. We believe in the power of partnership and that we can accomplish more together than we can alone. We are experts in helping you do the things you know you should do, and firmly believe that you are the best expert in knowing yourself. We have unshakeable faith in your potential for change, even when you are struggling to believe in yourself.

We are committed to a culture where everyone is accepted and feels a sense of belonging. We are confident you will love the SPRINGWELL experience, but we understand that you want to be just as confident as we are – and sometimes that takes time. That is why the first 30 days are risk-free.


Dave's story is a remarkable one. Dave spent five weeks in a coma followed by open heart surgery and a kidney transplant. After joining the clinic, he’s able to enjoy a quality of life he never thought would be possible again.

Dave's Plan

With multiple hospital admissions and a complicated medical history, Dave needed a plan to help him return to a healthy weight, gain strength, and get his energy back. Personally, Dave's goal was to get back to playing ball with his grandson and to continue to travel with his wife.

Dave's customized SPRINGWELL Plan includes:

  • Blood pressure checks weekly with regular reports to physician
  • 2 SPRINGWELL exercise sessions per week
  • Resistance training to improve daily functional tasks
  • Find the joy and share a few laughs at each session

I can do things
that I never felt
I could do before.

Spring Well member holding handwritten inspirational sign that reads: 3 years and a renewed positive attitude!

YOU Can Do This, Too

A year from now, you'll have wished you started today. Change can be hard, but we know through experience that it’s much easier when you’re supported by a community. And that’s what SPRINGWELL is – a community of people, just like you, committed to making small lifestyle changes every week. We believe in celebrating small victories that get you one step closer toward your health vision.

You can do this. We can do this!

Spring Well member holding handwritten inspirational sign that reads: If I did not come, I would be giving up on myself.


Linda knew she needed to change her life around, which started with changing her lifestyle. At the exercise clinic, she found her solution and more. “It's almost like coming to visit friends when you come here because it's so friendly, it's so warm.”

Linda's Plan

As an avid traveler, Linda's plan is focused on prevention and quality of life. Her motivation is to be healthy and active for her 4 young grandchildren. She wants to be there for their graduations and weddings.

Linda's customized SPRINGWELL Plan includes:

  • 2 SPRINGWELL exercise sessions per week
  • Stress management practices
  • Improved nutrition
  • Be part of a fun, social, inspiring community

I'm walking 5k
almost every day.

Our New ANN ARBOR Location

SPRINGWELL is coming soon to Ann Arbor to help YOU live life to the fullest. Click the “Get Started” button to request more information about our Ann Arbor clinic. We can’t wait to meet you!

“First time dancing
since surgery”

“Grandma's got

“7 days without
a headache!”

“I could fit into a skirt
that was too tight to zip
up 2 months ago!! :)”

“Didn't want to come,
bad mood. Came
So glad I did :)”

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